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Gun Control Argument - Absurd Politics

Gun Control Argument - Absurd Politics


Once again Conservatives have been sucked into the twisted debate and reasoning of the Liberals!

There has been another terrible massacre of innocent U.S. citizens. Once again a coward with questionable mental capacity has done a terrible destructive deed. Apparently, he wished to make a great impact on his “buddies” and so picked a venue that greatly magnified its evil.

I am ex-military and will tell you that acts of violence caused by fanatics, or a lone killer with a plan, or someone who is unstable and suddenly flies into a rage, is nearly impossible to prevent. Perfect examples abound everywhere, but maybe a couple will make my point. First example: September 11th (religious jihad) jets used as missiles, guided by suicide squads, killing over 3000 innocents in a couple of hours. Second. Among shooters in recent history: three schools; a movie theater (showing a violent movie); a political rally in Arizona and an Army post in Texas (among others). In most of these cases the shooters are finally brought down by police, or commit suicide when confronted by legitimate force. Unfortunately, these incidents happen! The perpetrators are usually in some sort of mental state and in most cases they used guns to harm and/or kill people. These are facts.

Now my argument: the Bill of Rights declares that the citizens of the United States have the right to keep and bear arms. Our founders felt it important to keep weapons in the hands of the citizens to protect themselves from the government and other external threats. The Founders had the wisdom and foresight to clearly declare this right formally within The Bill of Rights (the SECOND AMENDMENT). However, today Liberals are screaming, in high pitch rants, that these legitimate rights of the citizens of these states should be removed or controlled (which are just the first steps to removing the right) because we have monsters in the society that will prey on innocent citizens…

Liberals push for the rights of all sorts of groups and individuals, regardless of who may be harmed or how, accept when it comes to gun control.  For instance; Liberals demand that women have the right to have abortions: the CDC reported in 2009 (the same year a religious fanatic killed thirteen at Ft Hood) that there were about 785,000 abortions in the United States (227 per 1000 live births!) Tens of Thousands of fetuses are THROWN AWAY every year! And for heaven’s sake liberals will tell you that one must respect the rights of the mentally challenged and criminals, and drug abusers as well: all potential killers of innocents…

So women have the right to have abortions; and the mentally ill have rights too and can kill innocents; criminals in jails have rights too – even after they have killed innocents, and religious fanatics have rights to kill innocents as well, even when many Liberals reject religion! But a law abiding citizen with a gun – it is an outrage – these radical beasts must be stopped! There are over 500,000 concealed carry permits in the state of Texas! If the Liberals’ arguments were valid, gun deaths would be exponentially higher than reported! But, nationally TOTAL gun deaths are still lower than individuals killed in car accidents or by prescription drugs! And deaths caused by guns in homicide are less than accidental falls! Let’s legislate accidental falls! Oh, wait, we have that, it’s called OSHA and what mess that is – that agency has cost the citizens tens of billions of dollars – AND THERE ARE STILL ACCIDENTAL FALLS! YOU CAN’T LEGISLATE STUPIDITY!

The Liberals’ gun control argument is ABSURD at its core and it is exactly the reason we should KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. It is the reason the Second Amendment was created, to make it difficult for a government to take away the rights of free and law abiding citizens. Make a stand now – there are other issues at play and if you are silent you will lose one more freedom granted by our Constitution and Bill of Rights…